Social Work


These handmade products have been prepared by hardworking women of Mount Everest Region from the beautiful country of Nepal. Their livelihoods have been sustained from the sales of these products and it gives us immense pleasure to showcase the artwork of these talented women.

Making a Difference

‘ Support for Nepalese Women ‘

In addition the company is dedicated in social welfare. It is intended to empower Nepalese women in developing them as productive, literate and self-dependent group, which has been the main objective/aim of our company all the time. In a developing country like Nepal, there is a male dominant environment due to which women are limited to the household works only and depend fully in the income of their husband. Though, there has been still some remainder to bring out the complete change, Le Sharma through its urge has been successful to participate in the women empowerment program through fair trade earning by using their talent in making our adorable handmade products.


Food for Street Dogs of Nepal!

According to the Year 2010 Kathmandu street dog census more than 22,000 street dogs live inside the Kathmandu Valley. ‘Thousands of dogs are at this moment suffering and dying on the streets of Kathmandu.’ We are trying to help the street dogs situation by supporting the ” Dog Feeding Campaigns Project ” for street mutts by spending a percentage of our sold products.

Need for helping the sad, forgotten homeless souls suffering without food, kindness and care who are living in streets, temples, roads and every corner of the city.


In this campaign we will be travelling around Kathmandu city and different parts of Nepal and feed the street dogs. We will write our travel experience, experiences with street dog and pictures of feeding them.